About Us


About Us

Erica and Clare had been in the same social circle for quite a while before being properly introduced on a trip to buy yarn. While chatting on the train, they discovered a mutual love of Star Trek, and became fast friends. Within months of this, they'd both attended their first convention, and the following year, took over the running of their local Star Trek fan club, building it back up from scratch.


From the start, Erica had tinkered with the idea of joining SFI, and had daydreamed about what she'd have as a ship name, graphics etc. On showing these ideas to Clare, it was only a matter of time before Appleton became a reality!


(Pic: Clare has long hair, Erica has short spiky hair and glasses)

About the CO


My name's Erica Smith, and I'm the CO of the Appleton. I can't remember the first time I ever saw Star Trek, but I do know it was my mum who sat me down to watch it. My very first memories are geeky ones, I even took a little R2-D2 as my comfort toy on the first day of nursery!


I didn't so much join Appleton as bring it into the world as a concept. I'd been looking at the main SFI website, and something about all the different ship badges inspired me to dust off Photoshop and try to make my own. From there, I started thinking about what I'd call a ship if I had the choice, and what that would look like.


I'm really pleased that you've discovered our corner of the internet, and if you've found your way here through SFI, I really hope you'll consider coming aboard Appleton as a crewmember!



About the CMO/XO


My name is Lisa Holliday, and I'm the Chief Medical Officer of the Appleton, along with her Executive Officer (XO for short). I fell in love with all things Star Trek when I was a child because my dad is a huge sci-fi fan and I've followed in his footsteps. I have grown to love it more because of Gene Roddenberry's vision that everyone is equal. Being registered severely sight impaired this is close to my heart.


The biggest draw for me is other fans! They are amazing people from all walks of life, and they make the most of life and what they love. So I am really happy to be with you all on board!

About the EMH/Counsellor


Hi, I'm John! I'm your EMH/counsellor, so my job is to make sure your mental and emotional health is being properly looked after. In the real world, I'm a trained support worker working with young adults with special needs and autism, so if anyone on board needs to talk about any issues, I'm happy to help. I have always loved star trek from a young age especially DS9 and my ideal species would be a joined trill, as i could use the experience from the symbiont's previous lives to help people. I am a huge cominc book fan and geek and I play a lot of games in my spare time. im also a 1st dan black belt in Jiujitsu and I have an interest in acting. TV shows I like are Star Trek (obviously) Futurama, X-Men Evolution, Dark Angel, Power Rangers, Greys Anatomy, Pokemon, Digimon and Doctor Who, along with many more!

Crew Manifest


CO - CAPT Erica Smith

XO - CMDR Lisa Holliday

CMDR Clare Williams

LCDR Simon Beasley

LCDR Glyn McCutcheon

LT Cathy Hyman

LTJG John Walton

ENS Molly Shepherd


MCPO Steve Dickinson

SCPO Karl Piller

CPO James Donoghue

PO1 Adam Barlow

PO3 Josh Hilditch

PO3 Jack Wilson-Smith

PO3 Philip Wright

PO3 Lisa Wright

CRMN Mark Gill

CRMN Arty Smith

CRMN Matthew West

CRA James Cotter

CRA Amanda Didsbury







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